Monday, April 21, 2014

Thousands march in Brittany, Basque Country, for self-rule

The demands may be slightly different but the desire for self-rule and national unity is the same. 

Some 15,000 Bretons marched in Nantes for the reunification of the historical nation and greater self-rule within France. 

Meanwhile in Iruñea (Pamplona), some 25,000 Basques marched for independence in the Basque National Day. 

Sources: RT, Naiz[es].

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukrainia sliding further into civil war

The Ukrainian Army has been ordered by the Nazi Junta to act against the popular uprising in the East but the results so far seem unimpressive. 

At dawn there were reports of clashes at Slavyansk, located on the main road between Kharkov and the rebel city of Donetsk. The situation in the strategical town remains unclear.

A tank was sent back in Rodinskoye by unarmed citizens daring the soldiers to shoot them (→ video).

Even more worrisome seem the growing attacks by Nazi squads, now largely incorporated to the newly created "National Guard". 

In Sumy, NE Ukraine, the headquarters of the Communist Party were attacked by a fascist squad. 

In Kiev, where the rebellion may begin to spill-over, hundreds attempted to take the Parliament. 

Also in Kiev, two anti-Junta presidential candidates were attacked after participating in a TV debate. Oleg Tsarov (or Tsarev), former member of the Party of Regions, was beaten by a Nazi death squad. Mikhail Dobkin, candidate of the Party of Regions was also attacked with chemicals and flour. 

After the aggression, Tsarov who supports the anti-Junta uprising, declared he won't leave the electoral race no matter what. He has suffered aggressions before.

The so-called "National Guard" squads (essentially Nazis) are being sent also to the East. These are the ones most likely to use full force against anyone who opposes the NATO-backed regime even peacefully.

Source: Russia Today (link 1, link 2, link 3).


Airfield at Kramatorsk captured by Junta forces → RT.

Ukrainian commander issues death threats to those who dare to resist the Nazis → RT.

Citizens trail army convoy heading to Donetsk, no attempt to stop it yet → RT live updates.

Citizens of Lugansk have stopped a military convoy → RT live updates.

Lugansk city council debating its independence from Ukraine → RT live updates.

Updates (Apr 16):

Pyrrhic was the Ukrainian "victory" at Kramatorsk airfield. Unarmed civilians have engaged the troops, 300 of which moved into the town, and many have switched sides. At least six tanks have joined the anti-fascist side.

At least four people have been reported killed by yesterday's armed attack against this town's airfield.

Another military convoy against Lugansk was also stopped by villagers at Raygorodok.

RT live updates.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ukraine: anti-Junta resisters take over much of the East

Thousands of Federalist Anti-Fascist Ukranians have taken control of the government buildings, including police stations, in much of the Donetsk and Kharkov oblasts. The towns affected are Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Krasni Liman, Druzhkova, Krasnoarmeysk, Konstanstonovka, Snezhoe, Mariupol, etc. 

In the capital of resistance, Donetsk, the anti-riot police forces "Berkut" (much maligned by the mainstream media but actually quite peaceful and civilized when compared with the kind of ultra-violent cops we are sadly used to in the West) took over Donetsk police station and declared their loyalty to the People's Republic of Donetsk.

In Kharkov, the second largest Ukrainian city, there was again a large demo demanding federalism. Another pro-Junta march was held largely manned by fascist militants arrived from Western Ukraine. Four of them were arrested by local police as they attempted to smuggle explosives into the city. 

Source: Russia Today (incl. many videos).

Update (Apr 13): Ukrainian forces have attacked Slavyansk with reports of gunfire. At least one person resulted killed and two more injured. Donetsk militias and the "dissolved" anti-riot police force are heading to the front to aid the people of the attacked town (→ RT).

See also: Ukraine turmoil live blog at RT.

Italy: widespread clashes in Rome as police charges against anti-austerity demo

Rome burned in anger today as police charged against a massive demonstration against the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie (aka: "cuts"). 

What began as a huge peaceful protest ended in urban guerrilla after police charged indiscriminately, allegedly after being provoked (but you cannot trust the official versions nor the mainstream media parrots, can you?) 

There is at least one severely injured person: a 50 years old man who suffers the traumatic amputation of several fingers, apparently caused by the explosion of a firecracker he was about to throw.

Update: more than 80 people reported injured in the clashes.

Police used tear gas against the protesters in Via Veneto, where the Ministry of Labor is, pushing them to Piazza Berberini and Via del Tritone, where clashes continued for hours. Fight was also reported in Via XX Settembre, where the Ministry of Economy is.

Sources: Webguerrillero[es] (incl. more photos), Russia Today (also more photos and a video).

Brazil: violent eviction of massive squat

Some 5,000 citizens were brutally evicted by police forces in Río de Janeiro from a former industrial building they had collectively appropriated last month out of dire need and organization. 

At least 25 people have been arrested and there are no figures of injured. 

The initial police attack was successfully countered by the squatters and thousands of people arrived from elsewhere in solidarity, extending the struggle to the nearby streets. Finally the infamously brutal Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) decisively intervened in favor of the bourgeois owner, telecom company Oi. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sense of justice is not emotional but fully driven by reason

This may be highly counter-intuitive because we culturally associate this sense of justice with idealism or, as Che Guevara put it, with being driven by superior feelings of love for fellow humans.

Actually it has nothing to do with it but with greater rational function, brain scans show.

Keith J. Yoder & Jean Decety, The Good, the Bad, and the Just: Justice Sensitivity Predicts Neural Response during Moral Evaluation of Actions Performed by Others. Journal of Neuroscience 2014. Pay per viewLINK [doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4648-13.2014]

A copy of the study has been uploaded by co-author J. Decety to

Complementary source: press release.

From the latter:
During the behavior-evaluation exercise, people with high justice sensitivity showed more activity than average participants in parts of the brain associated with higher-order cognition. Brain areas commonly linked with emotional processing were not affected.

The conclusion was clear, Decety said: “Individuals who are sensitive to justice and fairness do not seem to be emotionally driven. Rather, they are cognitively driven.”
According to Decety, one implication is that the search for justice and the moral missions of human rights organizations and others do not come primarily from sentimental motivations, as they are often portrayed. Instead, that drive may have more to do with sophisticated analysis and mental calculation.

This may explain why there is a well known positive correlation between intelligence and leftism: fairness is simply more rational.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Syrian "jihad" in reality: orders from Israel and "holy" prostitution rings

A Saudi Arabian girl, aged 15, stripped naked the Islamist "holy war" against Syria in interview with Turkish newspaper Aydinlik. 

The young woman, identified as Ayeshe al-Bakr, explained that she joined the so-called jihad al-nikahl (sexual holy war), that she kept sexual relations with dozens of Al Nusra fighters and that she is now pregnant. This "sexual holy war", which is just a fanatic prostitution ring, has grown in the last years as the terrorist activities of the fascist groups have increased under US imperialist command. Some Sunni muftis have claimed that those women who provide sexual favor to jihadists will go their imaginary paradise.

She also declared that she traveled with Al Nusra's leader Abu Muhamad al-Jawlani (also transcribed as al-Joulani and al-Golani) to Palestine (West Bank), where he met Zionist officers several times.

Source: HispanTV[es].

Monday, April 7, 2014

Is Ukraine sliding to disintegration? Donetsk proclaims "independence".

Yesterday we knew that pro-Russian demonstrators stormed government buildings in three key Eastern oblasts: Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk. The three regions have witnessed large and persistent anti-putsch protests in the last months and these have become more and more openly pro-Russian since the Crimea referendum and subsequent effective annexation by Moscow.

Today we learn that the Donetsk protesters have proclaimed the independence of the oblast with the name of People’s Republic of Donetsk. They secessionist forces are in control of most power resorts in the region, it seems.
Today at 12:20 local time, a session of the People's Council of Donbass (Donetsk region) took place in the main hall of the Regional Council and unanimously voted on a declaration to form a new independent state: the People’s Republic of Donetsk. 
The Council proclaimed itself the only legitimate body in the region until the regions in southeast Ukraine conduct a general referendum, set to take place no later than May 11.  

It is unclear what representativity may have this People's Council of Donbass but it seems quite apparent that they do have a clear lead in the streets.

They also asked protection from Russia.

Session of the People's Council of Donbass

Kharkov (including the second largest Ukrainian city) and Lugansk may well follow suit.

Police headquarters' takeover in Lugansk
Kharkov City Hall under popular control

It is unclear what happens with Zaporizhia, a nearby region where the Communist Party and allies raised militias against the Maidan putsch very early on.

It is also unclear what may happen with most of Southern Ukraine, which was clearly supporter of the Party of Regions and has significant numbers of Russian speakers. Particularly conflictive is the situation of Odessa in the SW, where Russian is the dominant language but is separated from the other regions where Russian is dominant further East. We know that there have been protests against fascist repression and that the province is so strategical that both the pro-NATO de facto government of Kiev and Russia ambition it similarly.

Ukraine's conflict map:
· stars: (a) green: pro-Russian uprising, (b) red: communist militia
· oblasts in green: favored Party of Regions in 2012
· oblasts in blue: favored Maidan parties in 2012
Around Ukraine:
· green shades: Russia and allies
· blue: NATO/EU
Ideally Russia, provided it cannot anymore keep a friendly government in Kiev, would want to annex as much as possible. However, the more it annexes, the less internal support it will retain within the remnant Ukrainian population. This is clearly a dilemma for Russia. Also the path of annexation may lead to war with NATO (unlikely but not impossible). 

In the past and in a less strategically crucial region, what Russia did was to limit itself to support separatist forces that asked for its protection, particularly against pro-NATO Georgia. It did the same in Transistria, a separatist region of Moldova, where the ethnic composition is complex enough (roughly split in three ethnicities: Russians, Ukrainians and Moldovans). This Russia did with the support of Ukraine.

But the situation in Ukraine is much more complex and involving a much greater number of variables. Ideally Russia would be better off with a friendly government in Kiev, I presume. 

In any case it seems that Donetsk, the most populated oblast of Ukraine, including 10% of the country's population, is set on the road to independence (or change of master at the very least). Lugansk and Kharkov gather more than 10%, while Zaporizhia and the already annexed Crimean Republic add some other 5%. In total these restive regions gather almost 13 million people, about 30% of of Ukrainians (or should I say ex-Ukrainians?).

They are also the richest ones in mineral resources (gas and coal) and heavy industry and where salaries are higher. Even losing influence on the rest of Ukraine, they are very much worth on their own. 

But the rest of Ukraine is still way too close to Moscow. A future NATO deployment in that area, as happened in other nearby countries before, would be a direct threat to the heart of Russia. Can Moscow manage to prevent this direct threat? How?

I would say that the secession threat may be played, at least hypothetically, to realign the army: I won't annex Donetsk, etc. but only if you remove the putschist from government and restore legality, granting free elections without fascist death squads on the streets...

... or in the Supreme Court as it was the case today in fact. 

That would be a truly masterful move that would not only save Russia but also Ukraine. I don't know if it is realistic however.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Malaysian missing flight was escorted by military jets

The missing flight 370 was apparently escorted by military jets as it flied back through Malaysia into the Indian Ocean. That is at least what a relative of some of the missing passengers claims based on witness accounts.

There is growing conviction among the relatives and friends of the passengers that this was a military operation of some sort because, on one side evidence accumulates in favor of such theory and on the other the continuous denial or question-avoidance by the authorities strongly points in favor of a cover up.

Watch the former girlfriend of US passenger Philip Wood explaining to CNN how the relatives feel on all this:

From all the evidence that has accumulated, I am positive that the airplane was hijacked by US paramilitary groups, most likely with the help of the pilot and the Malaysian authorities, and diverted to Diego García, a US-UK military base south of India.

See also:

A previously posted map on the most likely route taken by the aircraft:

Update: It is also interesting this piece by Tony Gosling.

Not much new information as such but a reminder of some of the available evidence: Rolls Royce early info on the engines being active for five more hours than the originally supposed crash and their later recant (no doubt under official pressure), the Maldivian witness accounts of the plane heading southwards at low altitude, etc. Also some previous scary conspiracies which might be related: like the knowledge that modern hyper-electronic airplanes can be hacked (just like cars can) and put under remote control and the dark reminder of the most likely murder, also by remote control, of investigative journalist Michael Hastings, who apparently was about to report on CIA director Joe Brennan's strategy of using military secret services against domestic journalists. 

10,000 march in Pamplona against Christian Fundamentalista anti-women law

Some 10,000 people, mostly women, marched yesterday in Iruñea-Pamplona in defense of the right to decide on their own bodies, a fundamental right that may be severely restricted by the Neo-Fascist government of Madrid (PP).

'Our body, our choice'

They explained:

We need sexual education to be able to decide freely, contraceptives to prevent abortion and free abortion to prevent killing. Suddenly sexual and pregnancy rights are being thrown to the trash bin with this new law, sending us back to the Franco dictatorship, and we will not accept that. 

They also criticized the outraging process of privatization of abortion services. 

After decades of quite liberal abortion laws, Spanish far-right minister Gallardón is promoting a new abortion law which will make free choice a crime for nearly all cases, in an obvious attempt to return to the Fundamentalist Christian ideology of the Franco era. 

The sociological reality however is not at all in line with such extremist intolerant ideas and the bill is causing a serious social conflict, even inside the ranks of the conservative party in power.

Source[eu]: Berria.