Saturday, January 14, 2017

The bilionaire behind Trump's sucess

So much noise, fake news, about Putin and then we find out that the real guy behind Trump's success is 100% made in the USA, as everything behind the blondie elderly far-right decadent phenomenon.

From The Real News:

Also it seems already that all that spam about "getting along with Russia" was just electoral propaganda: his appointees are now clearly saying that Russia is the enemy to beat. So once again there was no choice in foreign or imperial policies in this US election, the Deep State always wins:

→ Finian Cunnigham (op-edge at RT): 'Deep State' wins… Trump is being tamed to toe the line.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NATO's Auditor General murdered while investigating finances of terrorism

Chandelon and NATO flag
Yves Chandelon probably step a bit to deep into the shadow government of NATO, loosely known as Gladio Network, never dismantled nor properly investigated and seemingly each day more aggressive and totalitarian.

The high accountant was found over 62 miles from Lens, the city where he lived — and nearly 87 miles from his place of work in Luxembourg. Chandelon also owned three registered firearms, but an unregistered weapon was discovered near his body, reports Global Research, echoing the Free Thought Project.

... more bizarrely it has been reported locally that the gun which killed him was found in the glovebox of the vehicle, says the Daily Express

It is a clear case of murder with a poor pretense for "suicide". 

Most likely the Auditor General found who was actually financing the terror attacks in Germany and France that have shattered Europe in the last months, and probably these were the very same "deep state" of NATO that finances DAESH and Al Qaeda terrorist networks in Syria and fascist criminals in Ukraine. And quite probably he was ready to report, to speak out, else he would have been spared (no need to call attention unless you must... or are a lousy criminal). 

Of course, these conclusions are provisional and speculative but we do have hints in strange circumstances surrounding the terrorist attacks on French soil particularly, and we also know for sure that it has been NATO and its satellites who have financed the terrorist in Syria and Iraq, as well as in Ukraine and the almost forgotten Yemen war. He might know too much about who ordered the murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey this week, we can't be sure of what exactly he found but it's a clear case of destroying evidence, of silencing a potential whistleblower, as has happened way too often in the past, from Petra Kelly to Michael Hastings.

We live in a dictatorship with a pretense of "democracy", a pretense that is every day shallower and less credible, because the "deep state" is precisely pushing hard in favor of a police state at all levels, of monolithic mass media and of everything being subservient to the NATO-ist imperial project.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Millions negated the right to vote in US "democracy"

I often contend that non-proportional electoral systems are extremely anti-democratic and that, of course, electronic vote is almost certainly a scam: the perfect way to rig an election. All that is present in the US so-called "democracy" but it gets even worse: the system is intently chaotic allowing for governors to dramatically limit the ability to vote of people they suspect may support their opponents (in essence more left-leaning options: democrats when republicans but also real lefties when liberal democrats are in control). This particularly affect poorer neighborhoods, minorities, etc., who have to endure an obstacle race in order to exert their most elementary right: the right to vote.

And gets even darker: millions, mostly minorities, are just slashed out of the voting rolls with pretexts. All this is explained in detail in this interview (two parts) with investigative journalist Greg Palast, courtesy of The Real News Network:

Don't panic: that's how the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie actually works, part of it at least. Just please let's not be naive anymore about the supposed quality of US "democracy", let's face reality instead.

EU probably not competent to sign international trade agreements on its own

The Europe I dream of
The legal dispute has arisen on the Singapur-EU treaty, a precursor of the CETA, TTIP, TISA and similar totalitarian treaties that aim to demolish the capability of sovereign institutions to regulate a lot of things. The contention is that, while the EU (Commission, Council and Parliament) has the "exclusive" power on trade issues, it does not have it on so many related issues (work conditions, environment, transportation, public contacting, etc.) that it seems legally impossible to sign such "trade treaties" without the individual approval of all member states (their governments and parliaments). 

The issue is right now at the EU's Court of Justice, as the Commission (the EU's executive branch, presided by tax-heaven native Adolf Whatshisname Nobody Junker) has been forced to request such an assessment, as more and more eyebrows were being raised. 

The stand of the Commission is that they do have the exclusive competency because it is all "trade", an exclusive EU competency, the rest being just shades of it. But it's quite apparently not the case. It is no minor matter because even the EU's Court of Justice has limited competences and state-level courts could perfectly decide that their own sovereign legal frame, including their interpretation of the EU treaties, is above EU's vertical totalitarianism on these matters. 

But worry not, Junker and his eurocrats won't resign no matter what. The EU will collapse and Hell will freeze before the Eurocrats surrender their power. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kafka in the land of the Basques: five arrested for destroying ETA's arsenal

Five people were arrested in Luhuso (Labourd) on Friday night for the "crime" of destroying the arsenal of Basque guerrilla ETA, which "definitively" abandoned armed struggled five years ago but is unable to find an interlocutor to proceed to disarmament and dissolution. 

The five arrested are Jean-Noël Etcheverry, “Txet” (nonviolent ecologist), Michel Berhocoirigoin (farmer union activist), Béatrice Molle-Haran (journalist and owner of the house where the activity took place), Michel Bergougnan (member of Irulegi) y Stéphane Etchegaray, “Etxe” (cameraman in charge of filming the police op). 

Also Michel Tubiana, Honorary President of the Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, is involved in the group of peace activists but he could not arrive to the scene of the police operation in time, so he remains free so far. 

Solidarity march in Donibane-Garazi

The team, self-named "Bakea EHn" (Peace in the Basque Country) in the Twitter account they used as improvised press office on Friday night, and renamed "Artisans for Peace" by the popular protests that have taken place yesterday, had been destroying 15% of ETA's arsenal since October 3rd, in what was intended as a first batch of a longer process, now aborted by Spanish and French police forces. 

Their equipment seems to have been a workbench with a radial saw and some other tools. 

The Artisans for Peace declared themselves as members of civil society, without any link nor subordination to ETA, who had decided to begin the disarmament process with the destruction of a first stock of weapons

This process, initially intended to be more open and under supervision of the international mediator group, including half a dozen global personalities, was once and again aborted by the Spanish and French states and five years have passed since ETA famously declared the definitive end to armed struggle without any progress. 

It is quite symptomatic that members of the Basque civil society eventually decided to take upon their shoulders the burden of ensuring the end of ETA in spite of the French and Spanish authorities, and even more hard to believe, truly kafkian, that these two occupant powers of our country, have stopped it via repression, repression that has not ceased anyhow in these five years. 

I presume they will be accused now of "collaboration with terrorist organization", and be labeled by the Inquisition and their parrot media as "ETA members", as so often happens when you are Basque and do not think like they command you to think. In fact we are before prisoners of conscience trying to do the job that the occupant powers, which seem to desire a return to war, are not doing not allowing others to do. 

But they will once and again repeat in a choral fashion: "what ETA must do is to disarm itself and self-dissolve". How when Madrid and Paris are doing everything to impede it? How?

See also:

Saturday, December 17, 2016

What does a Nazi make?

I was pondering this morning, you know: the kind of ideas that float in the mind after a good sleep, about what makes a Nazi. 

There is some people who argue that fascism is a very specific kind of state or political project, but I was just considering this guy I met at a job decades ago, who said he supported the Iraq War because that was good for oil prices (a fallacy probably but irrelevant anyhow if true or false, what matters is the reasoning itself). So basically this guy was arguing that, say, ten thousand dead Iraqis were worth his lesser saving of a few cents in the price of gasoline, a most selfish and brutal logic. 

In fact it is exactly the same way of thinking as that of Heinrich Himmler:

Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture: otherwise it is of no interest to me. Whether ten thousand Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interests me only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished.

So this is the same selfish and brutal logic that drove Nazism: for Hitler and his ilk, the deaths of thousands or millions "others" (Jews, Slavs, whatever) was irrelevant, as only the well-being and prosperity of ethnic Germans mattered. So basically I had to conclude in my morning blurr that this guy, whose name I don't recall and who may even vote "left" (unsure), was (is?, he's surely still alive) a Nazi. And he's just an example, there are many more people like him (or even worse), so we have a Nazi psycho-sociology in many people, just out of selfishness identified with the "nation" or similar.

Hence is Trump a Nazi? Sure, at least as I see it. But also was Obama, Bush (both), Clinton (both), etc. It's all Nazism with a thin varnish, as long as the motivation for war is not justice and the improvement of Humankind (this may be misleading and even a scam but at least the heart is in the right place), as long as it is to profit on others' suffering, it is Nazism. Not sure if it is "fascism" but it is definitely Nazism.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The idea of "President Trump" (or similar, if he falls down a balcony and Mike Pence takes over it won't make any difference) is beginning to affect my emotions and therefore my sleep. Yeah, the USA is far away across the Atlantic but, it's not just the main superpower, but also it is very plausible that the same will happen across Europe, with Le Pen maybe winning the French presidential election or the equally fascist Hofer quite likely winning the republic's top post in the repetition of the Austrian polls next month. The prospect of Beppe Grillo (another professional buffoon, like Trump) maybe becoming the next Prime Minister of Italy is not the least comforting either, as the unusual 5 Star Movement aligns with the Far Right beyond the Alps and is also penetrated by many neofascists inside.

Sure the Great Coalition parties are not comforting at all either but we all know that outright Fascism is much much worse, notably because it is much much more difficult to revert once in power.

And the brown shirts are beginning to show up very clearly in the upcoming US government. For example Trump has appointed the well known extremist Stephen K. Bannon, a total psychopath, as his chief strategist.

He is not just a racist bigot, he is an extremist misogynist, confirming the worst suspicions about Trump's sexism. Just read his own articles at his own site (link1, link2), which could well have been signed by the self-appointed Caliph of Raqqa. He's also the best known leader of the so-called "alt-right", the modern version of Fascism in North America.

I watched yesterday this fragment of Michael Moore's last film, which is so well told an clairvoyant, that the very supporters of Trump used it, cutting off the last part, for their campaign. But the last part is where the panic sets on, because the foreseeing Moore states unmistakably that Trump will be "the last President of the United States".

Truly scary but it is happening right now.

And, thanks to the authoritarian complacency of his predecessors, Trump will have a lot of legal mechanisms to make his Fascism unstoppable: many emergency laws that dramatically increase presidential power, a heavily militarized police, an ultra-conservative Supreme Court, etcetera. Just as Hitler used in 1933 the emergency provisions that the pre-existing legal system allowed for emergencies, it seems very likely that Trump will do the same, even if he needs to fabricate a pretext, as Hitler did with the Reichstag fire. 

It looks very bad, because there are no legal emergency breaks for a situation like this, only a true revolution could change things but I seriously doubt that the USA is mature for such a critical scenario, really.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The rain dance is broken

Unimaginative "more of the same" after eight years of THE CRISIS? Seems it does not work anymore just pretending that old school methods will work and that somehow miraculously there will be light out of the tunnel just out of the blue. 

A medicine man, or woman, who is unable to call the rain won't be respected, a superstitious doctrine that promises rain but only produces drought again and again will lose support sooner than later. That is what is happening and that's why Hillary More-of-the-Same Clinton could not beat Trump: her doctrine is spent, less and less people can believe in the old magics because they just don't work and credulity is limited. 

Of course nothing guarantees that a new medicine-man with new pretentious rituals will produce the so-desired rain. Almost certainly he won't but there is a good logic on trying something new when the old method is so clearly broken. And that's why opinion polls predicted better chances for victory to Sanders than to Rodham-Clinton, because he at least promised something not so clearly demonstrated to be wrong, something innovative enough to raise the hope of the masses.

That's the logic of these elections and probably many others: more of the same doesn't work and people is not anymore believing in it, they want and really need to try something new, because just repeating a clearly failed routine is clearly not a reasonable option. 

With the beginning of the Trump presidency, after all, we will be entering the 10th year of THE CRISIS, if we count from the Lehman Brothers affair: that's just too long of not getting things straight. No, Trump won't solve anything: THE CRISIS is here to stay sadly enough and his methods are even worse; for example he is a climate warming negationist, what is as good as negating the deep causes and effects of the crisis, which goes well beyond the mere economy into the ecology. Actually there is no possible exit within Capitalism but it seems that more frustration and even desperation is needed before most people realizes this basic truth.

But I guess that in terms of symptoms it is a positive note that people is willing to experiment somewhat and that they are not taking anymore proven inefficacy. All the rest that comes in the package I don't like and I do fear but, well, history is complicated, dialectic, convoluted and contradictory. What is clear is that the unimaginative "center" of "the lesser evil" does not work as it used to. One does not need to be radical or leftist to be outside of the "center", it is enough to be provocative and extremist -- even if that is empty posturing. And it is the time when to be at the center, to be pseudo-moderate gathers more hatred than love, because the system is so broken that it does not rally support anymore. 

And that's why Sanders could have won: because he is not just "more of the same" but much less of the same than Trump, who in most ways is also "more of the same"... just pretending not to be.

Too close to call yet but it seems it's gonna be Trump

Well, not really surprising for me but seems that it was for most. Apparently a dull ultra-Zionist hawkish corporatist and right-leaning candidate presented to the left should have been able to beat a dynamic blunt provocative and somewhat anti-system far-right candidate presented to the right and whoever in the grey zone was tired of more of the same. Seems that the prognostic was not correct at all.

Clinton could not appeal to her supposed voters (too far to the right, too rich, too corporatist, too establishment, too hawkish and too Zionist), Sanders could have won (so said early polls) but the establishment was not willing to accept a self-proclaimed socialist as candidate (and I guess Sanders himself was not as good tactician as Trump, so he could not beat Clinton at her own game in the Democratic Party, while the madman did instead beat each of his opponents one by one in a masterful game of power).

So the devil won, the witch came close second but almost doesn't count. What now?

The truth is that nobody seems to know but here there is a clue, courtesy of The Real News: his vice president Pence wants to be like Dick Cheney:

And I guess that if Trump falls out of a balcony accidentally, he would like to be like Caligula, right?

Dick Cheney was not a bit less hawkish than Clinton, I'd say he was even more aggressive, and particularly creative at rallying the nation around the false flag attack of 9-11. Are we set for another Hollywoodian staged self-attack? One that will bring the USA against China after securing the neutrality of Russia? Just saying, I really don't know but I guess it fits with what Trump has mumbled so far: Russia cool, China bad, Mexico scum.

Over here a lot of left-leaning people (the right, the center and the center-left are all with Hillary) has been speculating about whether a Trump victory could be relatively "good" (maybe he dismantles NATO with his weird ideas about everybody paying their share, even those who are totally uninterested in NATO and are only in by inertia, maybe he makes friends with Putin delaying WWIII, it can't be worse than more-of-the-same-but-even-worse Hillary, right?) But I don't think it will be any good: it's debatable if he'd be worse than Rodham-Clinton but he's not clearly going to be any better at all. 

Maybe good for Syria and the real Ukraine, as he's said he will respect Putin's Russia. And that is also good for Europe in principle, at least for most of us (all those who are not crazy ultra-nationalist and ultra-catholic Poles or similar). But the dangers seem to lay everywhere else, particularly I would be quite unhappy in the position of China (although they will probably outsmart the New Yorker, they have done before). I would also be very unhappy in the position of the Eurocrats, who are just totally in the role of being self-interested subservient cogs of NATO, which he may well dismantle, almost accidentally, when he demands protection money to totally broken economies. And I would be absolutely unhappy in the shoes of Mexico, of course, because the colonial status quo forged by the Coca-Cola boy, Fox, is suddenly being questioned in its entirety. 

Actually the uncertainty is so extreme that Japan's Nikkei has collapsed and Mexico's financial bodies have called a press conference later today. The Mexican peso is sinking relative to the US dollar but the imperial currency is also falling severely relative to such a Frankenstein currency as is the euro. Good for US exports to Europe, I guess, bad for Gringo imports from places other than Mexico.
Currency falls, inflation, are bad for importers and consumers but good for exporters. 

Anyhow: will Trump victory be a brown shirts' march towards Washington, sort of, as many fear in the USA? I can't say but we know already that French fascist Marine Le Pen has been the first European leader to congratulate Donald Trump on his apparent victory, and also that the Canadian immigration service online page has collapsed tonight because of excess visitors. Canada is not far enough and anyhow you can't really run away from the main global superpower, with military bases and occupation contingents all over the World, with the NSA so actively spying the Internet and with laws that allow the Government to assassinate anyone anywhere, including of course US citizens. Look at the difficult situation of several better known US and allies' dissidents: Manning in jail and apparently attempting suicide once and again, Assange for several years refuged in the Ecuador Embassy in London, Snowden fled to Moscow, Meissan (French investigative journalist) had to find refuge in Syria, Assata Shakur has been refuged in Cuba since the 70s, etc. Maybe rather than looking for refuge in Canada, you should consider places like North Korea, really - at least they have nukes and a crazy chubby leader mad enough to threaten the USA itself, he may like you, who knows?

Well, so far my improvised opinions. Which are yours?